Frequently asked questions

What do security measures mean?

If a bay is secure it means that the bay offers fixed bike locking facilities.

If the bay signals no security it means that the bay does not offer any fixed security measures for bikes or scooters.

What does distance to destination mean?

This is the distance from the parking bay to your final destination

What does size of bay mean?

This is how we describe the length of the bay. With the increasing numbers of bike riders, this helps riders select bays during busy times of the day that are more likely to have available space.

– Short is up to 6 bikes.

– Medium is 6-10 bikes.

– Long is 10-15 bikes

– X Long is 15 + bikes

What does the average distance from bay to destination include?
This is an approximate distance in a straight line from your chosen bay to your final destination.

Do I need to fill out my rider details?

Understanding the things you’re interested in helps us to find relevant sponsors for the bays. To keep the app free we need a little help from you.

How can I see how long it takes to walk from my bay to my destination?

Please check with your preferred map app for this information